Virtual TempO do Infante – Instructions

Welcome to Virtual TempO

During TrailO stage planning, all kite locations have been photographed, and after event advisor final visit, panoramic shots have been taken from TempO decision points.

This way, with some obvious diferences, it is possible to relive or do all TempO do Infante challenge in a interactive way.

Under Menu TempO do Infante Virtual there is a page for each Station, with layout as shown below, as well as each stage solution’s sheet.

Available commands for each Station page navigation are in orange text.

Each page has two areas, one with the Photo-Sphere where terrain and kites can be seen from seat point, and second area with mini-maps for that Station.

Please Enter and Exit full screen mode to have a width and immersive point of view of the University of Aveiro Campus and City Green Parks and still read the maps. It is more or less just the real thing.


For newbies, the way to do the competition is simple:

  • There are 6 kites on the terrain, and 5 challenges to solve in each Station
  • For each kite, a letter is assigned from left to right, from A (Alpha) to F (Foxtrot)
  • The answer for each challenge can be any from A to F, and if you think no kite corresponds to the proposed challenge, the answer should be Z (Zero)
  • Each minimap has one challenge, where the correct proposed flag is located in the CENTER of the magenta circle.
  • You should solve the challenges in order, not go back to see previous minimaps already solved, or advance to next minimap without answering before.

Get a blank sheet of paper, a timer and try to solve all challenges for each station in the quickest time possible. Get your answers in paper and time of execution for each station. At the end of all stations in each stage, check your answers in the solution’s sheet.

Add 30 seconds penalty for each wrong answer to the global execution time. That your final competition time. Good luck.



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